About Me

photo 3-20140829-132216666Sean

What a loaded question. How does one sum up the qualities and characteristics of an individual in a few short paragraphs, in a manner that’s easily understandable, and interesting. An individual by definition is complex, but here goes nothing.

Sean Paul born 1983, raised in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Attended St Theresa’s School, then Catholic Memorial High School, sounds simple enough so far. Sean enlisted in the Marine Corps as apart of the delayed entry program the summer before his senior year of high school. Just so happened that year was 2001. As I’m sure you all remember, September was a  “game changer”. Sean sitting in History class as the TVs in the room came on to show the events of 9/11/2001 will never forget when his teachers first action was to look at him and say “your going to war”, and he was spot on. Sean completed high school May 20 that year, and was on his way to good old Parris Island June 10th. Fast forward 4 years and two deployments to Iraq, June 2006 marks the completion of Sean’s Marine Corp service, with an Honorable Discharge and a pat on the back its off into society.

Five months pass holding several menial jobs until Seans 23rd Birthday. November 23rd 2006 Sean started the Boston Police Academy and has been a member of the Boston Police serving the community since.

While typing this bio I’ve come to realise for one reason or another I really have made it my career to serve society. Whether as a Marine or a police Officer unbeknownst to me the values that I hold dear have driven my into public service.

Real Estate has always been an interesting topic to me. I am a licensed Sales Agent with the Russell Realty Group in the state of Massachusetts. I find all aspects of Real Estate fascinating whether its buying selling renting or managing. Also I am especially interested in Veterans of our countries services, and the VA home loan guarantee. Personally I feel this to be an awesome opportunity for Veterans who wish to own, and yes invest in property.