Single Family Sales in Boston for November 2012

Single Family Sales for Boston in During November 2012

Single Family Listings: 86
Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 1,716.28
Avg. List$: $534,404
Avg. DOM: 69.40
Avg. Sale$: $510,474
Avg. Sale$/SqFt: $272

This is the statistics for the sales of single families in the entire city of Boston during November 2012. It is interesting to see that the properties on average are selling quicker, and for closer to the asking price than in the recent past. This brings up a couple questions and I would love to hear your opinions.
So is this the beginning of a market turn around?
Do we contribute this to the hard work and dedication of us agents, or are sellers becoming better educated and more lenient with properly pricing a property or of course a combo of both?
Are we going to see a bit of supply and demand as the inventory drops will prices rise?
As prices rise and we experience a bit of a rebound will mortgage rates start to rise as well?
Finally is it all just a cycle and we are on the way back up after hitting the bottom?

Check me out at and weigh in.

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